Key Businesses in Sector

Companies like to locate where there is already a history of successful investment. Luton has a great track record when it comes to attracting high-quality businesses, with many operating internationally. This includes large multi-national companies who have chosen Luton for their UK or European headquarters, and many are high-profile names.

Luton is one of the most successful towns in England to attract businesses to start up and one of the highest national rates for sustainable small start-up businesses.

The town’s success in building relationships with businesses continues to grow not only locally but also abroad.

With all these successes Luton has much more to offer, come and embrace our successful and growing town.

There are 5 key business clusters.


Luton has been successful in attracting high-performance technology companies specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative technologies applied to engines, including automotive, aerospace, marine and world leading research centres. All this means that Luton offers access to a wide range of technology companies including engineering-related skills and supply chain businesses in the borough and surrounding areas.

These companies design, assemble and sell electronic components, software, web design, defence and aerospace systems, precision control and auto sport systems. The success of these businesses, which supply into British and overseas markets, is based on the availability of skilled employees from the high value business clusters across Luton, London and the South East.

Airport & Aerospace

The aviation sector in Luton comprises three distinct types of activities - London Luton Airport and related ground-based infrastructure, airlines and aerospace manufacturing businesses.

Luton has a great track record when it comes to attracting high-quality airlines (transporting people and freight), ground-based infrastructure businesses and multinational aerospace manufacturing firms and their supply chain. Companies like easyJet (UK) Plc and TUI have chosen to set up their headquarters in Luton.

The current expansion of London Luton Airport combined with the Enterprise Zone will see this sector really take off in Luton over the next few years. For more information on the London Luton Airport development click here.


Automotive & Engineering

Luton is synonymous with vehicle manufacturing and high-precision engineering.

Boasting a large concentration of engineering businesses, and the benefits of economical business costs, Luton offers immediate access to key clusters such as the pharmaceutical and bioscience sector, the Midlands automotive sector and ‘Motorsport Valley’, whose world-leading engineering, research and development companies stretch from Luton to Coventry.

In 1905 Vauxhall opened the country’s first large-scale car factory in Luton. Today the Vauxhall plant is the last remaining light commercial vehicle manufacturer in the UK.

The town is home to world-leading British and international engineering companies serving the automotive, aviation, defence and pharmaceutical industries.


Luton has a long history of nurturing creative businesses which stretches back to the 17th century when the town became synonymous with the hat making trade.

Its creative economy boasts a thriving community of businesses, supported by tailored accommodation and a university which is one of the leading players in the UK. A range of creative clusters engage in digital and new media, the expressive arts, TV and film production, advertising, marketing, and computer animation and graphics.


Skills and qualifications need to be developed to meet the employment demand. With the £1.5billion transformation underway we estimate more than 2600 new construction jobs in the town over the next 5 years. Projections for the South East are that at least 12,000 new construction jobs will be created by 2021, meaning Luton will be in stiff competition with other towns also requiring the same skills. The Council with partners has formed a construction consortium to lead and develop this area of work.