Advertise a Vacancy

Hints and Tips

  • Ensure your employer profile is up to date. This will allow prospective candidates to get a good understanding of your organisation before applying.
  • The vacancy submission form allows a great deal of information to be entered. The more information you can provide the more likely you are to receive appropriate applications.
  • The "Title" of the vacancy should be something easily recognisable. This may be all a prospective candidate looks at. If it is an unusual title there is plenty of space to add extra explanatory text.
  • You can upload a PDF of a vacancy description or person specification or other detail to accompany your listing.
  • The "Summary" is your advertising ‘strapline’. Include enough information to encourage your prospective candidates to read further.
  • The "Description" should include enough information for a candidate to decide whether they are suitable for your vacancy and whether the opportunitiy might suit them. This is your chance to sell your organisation and the vacancy.
  • It is not mandatory to include salary details in your vacancy, but if you don’t want to give a salary range it is helpful to include an indication of seniority in your description so that members can assess whether they are likely to be at the right point in their career.
  • Remember to include an End Date so that you don’t continue to receive applications after the vacancy has been filled