Exam Advice

Some people enjoy exams, perhaps because they find being tested on what they have learnt a rewarding experience or they see it as the end of a chapter of learning. However, for the vast majority of students exams can be quite a difficult time.

If it is your first time taking national exams such as GCSE’s you may be worried about juggling revision for so many different subjects. Preparation is key to making sure that you do as well as you can, this will help to reduce any worry that you may have.

Plan your revision, some people like to revise small sections at a time, some cram right at the last minute in the hope it will be fresh in their mind.  Refer back to any resources you have had, text books, your notes, past papers etc.  Make sure you know what might be assessed and focus on those subjects.

There are a number of online resources that offer helpful hints and tips on how best to prepare for an exam. 

Exam Tips

This is a great resource for students, Edexcel is one of the primary exam boards. The website offers hands-on revision help and tips from students who have already been though the exam process. 

Pearson support for students

The Student Room

The Student Room is a free to join members community that has over 1.2 million student members worldwide. It is a hub for students that provides a great deal of useful information including revision guidance and study planning tools to help you on your way. Within the site there are a number of forums which are useful for swapping ideas and advice with other students taking exams. 

The student room - study learning and revision habits